Environmental Policy

Besides owning high-tech production manufacturing systems, HSD is also aware of social responsibility and environmental concerns so we introduced three environmentally friendly pieces of equipment.

  • 01.Solar Energy Equipment
    The solar energy equipment we have invested in can save 8,000 KW of electricity and also reduce 6,300 kg carbon dioxide emissions per year.
  • 02.Wastewater Treatment System
    The wastewater treatment and recycle system we have introduced achieve high international standards; the waste water recovery rate is as high as 76%.
  • 03.Environmental Air Conditioner
    Our environmentally friendly air conditioning system has replaced the traditional fresh air-cooling with heat recuperator, which effectively saves energy and significantly reduces our carbon footprint.

Environmental Recycle System

HSD has a high degree of environmental awareness, we have a complete environmental recycling material system to reduce plant waste residue. Not only in the chain has been fully recycled material non-toxic regeneration manufacturing, the tape also has environmentally friendly materials manufacturing system. Some of the products have reached used 100% Of environmentally friendly materials to fully reduce the loss of the Earth's resources and environmental pollution.

Material Recycle System ─ Metal Material
Material Recycle System ─ Plastic Material